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Who we are

Nature's Vela is a Landscape gardening business based in Wellington NZ. Working around New Zealand we have drawn a lot of knowledge and inspiration from the many landscapes we have had the pleasure to work in.

We love to get a lot of our ideas from nature, by observing the way landscapes are naturally created in our beautiful outdoors, and using those ideas to personalize your own outdoor paradise.



We are a family of passionate and hardworking nature lovers.  


A team who come with their own dreams and aspirations that they bring to the ground everyday, 


Their experiences have a wide range of knowledge of New Zealand Flora and Fauna and the importance of a strong natural ecosystem working seamlessly and effortlessly together.

As a team we aim to work together in harmony with nature, learning her many ways to restore, enhance, and maintain all the beautiful places we have  been given the privilege to take care of.

Puka -PhotoRoom_edited_edited_edited_edi
Puka -PhotoRoom_edited_edited_edited_edi


Nature's Vela was born from my curiosity and passion for learning from and working with nature. There are many ways to understand and work with the complexity and diversity of a thriving ecosystem, and for me it’s the learning of my lifetime. 


Working with plants started as a labour of love, volunteering at the local Nature Reserve. I planted over 1000 natives in the Brooklyn green belt under the mentorship of a gifted environmentalist who is now a manager at the Nga Manu Reserve in Waikanae.


Once I had my child I made the decision to follow my passion and work as a sole trader with established landscaping, building and garden maintenance businesses. During this time I refined my skills and learnt the many aspects that go into good landscaping from the planning and design to preparation of the soil to garden maintenance and plant care. Working for a range of talented people gave me the insight and strength to carry out the physical work required behind the scenes of creating a rich, thriving landscape.


By 2015 I had established a solid reputation for landscaping and began to trade as Nature’s Vela.  With a passionate commitment to the work my client list grew and by 2019 I expanded the business.  Over the last couple of years we have collaborated with a wide network of Builders, Earthworkers, Lawn Specialists, Tree specialists and horticulturalists on various projects of all scales. Today we have both residential and commercial clients throughout the Wellington region.

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